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Eurex Exchange

Eurex Exchange is one of the leading global derivatives exchanges. Our members benefit from diverse trading opportunities in more than 1,500 products covering 11 asset classes. The Exchange's wholesale trade entry services let customers benefit from customized trading with greater flexibility. Together, Eurex Exchange and the International Securities Exchange (ISE) have daily trading volumes of more than 10 million contracts. Eurex global distribution network connects more than 400 members in 27 countries and provides them with cost-efficient access to our global liquidity pool. Eurex Exchange is a member of Eurex Group which also comprises the International Securities Exchange, Eurex Clearing, Eurex Bonds and Eurex Repo. Eurex Group is a major driver of the trend towards electronic trading and continues to set the standard in fully electronic trading and clearing. Our expertise as a technology pioneer means we constantly optimize the Eurex system to accelerate trading speed and throughput, enhance real-time information distribution and broaden our connection alternatives offering. We also provide groundbreaking clearing services and an industry-leading risk management through Eurex Clearing, Europe's leading clearing house for securities and derivatives transactions.

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