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Cayman Island Stock Exchange

The CSX was established under The Cayman Islands Stock Exchange Company Law, 1996 (the "Law") as a private limited company. Under the Law, the CSX has the sole and exclusive right to operate one or more securities markets in the Cayman Islands. The purposes of the CSX, as defined in the Law, "…are to engage in and carry on the business of establishing and operating one or more securities markets for the listing and trading of securities, which business shall include the admission of persons as Exchange members entitled by reason of membership of the Exchange to engage in the listing and trading of securities through the facilities made available by the Exchange for such purpose". The specific regulatory objectives of the CSX are to: * protect investors and the public interest and prevent unfair discrimination between customers, issuers or broker members; * ensure that broker members deal honestly and fairly with investors, and have sound finances and management; * ensure that business is conducted in an orderly manner and so as to afford proper protection to investors; * ensure the effective monitoring and enforcement of compliance of broker members with its rules; and * promote and maintain high standards of integrity and fair dealing in the carrying out of business by broker members.

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