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6 Million USD stolen from Russian Bank

First Published 19th February 2018

Hackers used SWIFT system according to a side note in a report by Russian Central Bank

The Russian Central Bank reported that unknown hackers have stolen 339.5 million RUB (the equivalent to approximately 6 million USD) in a cyber-attack on an unnamed Russian bank last year.

The hackers used SWIFT international payments messaging system. A spokesman from the Central Bank said that the hackers had taken control of a computer at the bank they were targeting and used the SWIFT system to transfer money to their own accounts. The culprits remain unidentified.

Natasha de Teran, spokeswoman from SWIFT, stated: "When a case of potential fraud is reported to us, we offer our assistance to the affected user to help secure its environment". Furthermore, SWIFT claimed that its own systems have never been broken down by hackers.

This digital theft is the latest in a continuum of attempted and successful global cyber heists using fraudulent wire-transfer requests. In February 2016 digital fraudsters pulled off almost 81 million USD from the Bangladesh Central Bank SWIFT does not provide detailed figures on the extend of attacks though.